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The use of metaphor in voice teaching:  A comparative study of Sinus Tone Production   
and vocal cord theories.  Australian Voice Vol. 1,
55-63.  (1999).

A personal response to ‘An Objective Assessment’.  The Ernest George White Society & School of Vol. 6, 3, 6-10.  (1999).   Sinus Tone

The relevance of metaphor to effective voice teaching strategies. Australian Voice, Vol. 5, 50-59.  (1999).


To access an overview of my completed doctoral thesis please click:   'The Relevance of Metaphor to Effective Voice Teaching Strategies' © 1999 

Using appropriate language modes and explicit teaching aidsAustralian Voice, Vol. 9, 68-68.  (2003).  © 2003. 

I am indebted to the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singers (ANATS)  and Australian Academic Press for permission to publish my papers on the web.

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